No. name of the project Year building owner Country
1 Construction of the archives and documentation library of the roads office in Bujumbura 2009 Office of the Roads Burundi
2 Construction of the KAMENGE Campus Amphitheater in Bujumbura 2010 Université du Burundi Burundi
3 Rehabilitation of the headquarters of the Mutual of the Civil Service 2012 Mutuelle de la Fonction Publique Burundi
4 Construction de l’hôtel KIBUNOAH à KIGOBE SUD 2010 KIBUNOAH HOTEL Burundi
5 Construction of a block of three classrooms with drainable latrine block at ECOFO BIHEMBE in GIHOGAZI commune, in the province of KARUSI 2014 commune GIHOGAZI Burundi
6 Travaux de construction de six (6) salles de l'ECOFO MARTYAZO I classes 2016 Commune MUBIMBI Burundi
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